Natural Herbal Cleansing & Detox

How natural herbal cleansing & detoxification program gently works to help you flush harmful toxins & nourish your intestinal/digestive systems so you feel better begins by understanding a bit about how your body works.

Herbal Cleansing & Detoxification for Men

Cleansing and detoxification are normal body processes of eliminating toxins through the colon, liver, kidneys, lymph and healthy skin which is fundamental and necessary for good health.

... well, it's normal when the body is operating efficiently!

Nutrition is a solid foundation but constant consumption of processed foods weaken the body so natural herbal cleansing helps your body expel built up toxins and become more efficient as it regains its normal cleansing and detoxification functions.   When your body is operating efficiently it naturally eliminates toxins and your body can absorb essential nutrients from the good foods you consume.

  • While the body needs good nutrition and exercise to remain healthy, it will be unable to utilize good nutrition if it is congested by built up toxins.
  • If the natural cleansing & detoxification processes of the body are not working effectively, the body will not be as receptive to exercise and you may experience symptoms such as frequent fatigue, low energy and headaches.
  • Herbal cleansing and detoxification helps the body experience and increase in energy, strengthens disease resistance and is an excellent and primary path to improved health.
  • It is amazing how many problems disappear after a good cleanse & detoxification!

November 10, 2005 OTTAWA (CP) - The average  Canadian has more than hockey in his blood; there are also flame retardants, stain removers, heavy metals, PCBs and volatile organic compounds  ...”  The Globe and Mail and Canadian Press.

Herbal Cleansing & Body Detoxification Behind The Scenes

Not only is “cleanliness next to godliness”, it is also vital for good health.  Today, everyone understands the importance of being clean. We wash our bodies, clothes, dishes and floors.  We vacuum our carpets and dust our furniture.

If only we paid as much attention to cleansing our bodies on the inside. This simple yet vital process is generally known as herbal cleansing, natural cleansing or body detoxification.

Unless you're on a regular (seasonal or semi annual) herbal cleansing schedule, now is the perfect time to leave the overindulgences of past months or possibly years behind and treat yourself by creating a new you with a mood-lifting, health-enhancing herbal body cleanse & detoxification.

How to recognize the tell tale signs of a toxic body in need of cleansing

Unhealthy diets, overuse of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications also play a role in the pollution of our bodies.

Toxin build-up can contribute to such things as asthma, allergies, poor circulation, depression, bad breath, bloating, indigestion, premature aging, chronic and degenerative diseases, learning disabilities, skin problems, an overall loss of energy/vitality and weight gain issues.

Early symptoms of excessive body toxins

  • You are putting on weight no matter how much you exercise
  • You look and feel older than you are
  • Experiencing stiff and painful joints, head aches or low energy
  • Constantly fatigued even after having enough sleep
  • Suffer endlessly from allergies, colds and flu

You should not expect to experience optimum health and vitality if your body is polluted.

Body Toxins Build Up Quickly Without A Seasonal Cleanse

Herbal Cleansing & Detoxification for Women
  • Nutrition is to your body what fuel is to your car. No fuel, no go!
    Don't let poor nutrition and a congested body full of toxins stop you from enjoying a vibrant, naturally healthy, symptom free life!

Compare your body to a car that has a dirty air filter and oil that needs to be changed.  The car no longer burns fuel efficiently and the overall performance suffers as a result. 

Once the air filter is replaced and the oil is changed, the engine burns much more efficiently and optimum power is restored so it get better gas mileage.

Just as a car engine needs cleaning periodically, so do our bodies because they become clogged with toxins notably the vast availability of processed foods.

Toxins are absorbed by our bodies on a daily basis. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, and in the cleaning products we use. Herbal cleansing and detoxification can naturally restore energy levels and combat fatigue, both symptoms of a toxic body.

This is how to gently cleanse and naturally detoxify the body

Tiao He Herbal Cleanse & Detox Kit

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