Health Risks Of Sugar

Sugar risks are well know as are the health risks masked by advertising selling us a nutritionally empty promise so don't damage your health with excess sugar

Over 30 years ago, the legendary Gloria Swanson told William Dufty “That stuff is poison – I won’t have it in my house, let alone in my body.” The reference was to a single cube of sugar during a coffee break. 

Fast forward to the 21st Century and most people know by now that sugar should be consumed in moderation but those same people might be shocked to learn that the average Westerner consumes a whopping 159 pounds or 72 Kilograms a year, excluding natural food sources. Source: USDA 1999 Report.

WHO Guidelines On Sugar Consumption

World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines advocate a 10% free sugar level or about 12 teaspoons (tsp.) a day, based on an average 2,000 calorie diet. That’s about 75% below current levels.  So to help put this in perspective on the practical methods of measurement, here's a look: 1 tsp. = 4 Grams = 16 Calories and FYI, 1 pound = 454 Grams.

Therefore, 159 Lbs. x 454 Gr. = 71,186 Gr. a yr/365 days = 198 Gr. a day/4 = 49 tsp. a day. That’s over 780 empty calories and many easily exceed this by over 30%. Given the body will do quite nicely with just 3-4 tsp. per day, the numbers are excessive. 

If this seems like a lot for you, let’s break it down to see how quickly just a few typical lifestyle choices add up in the average day:

  • 1 Bowl of typical cereal for breakfast = 7 tsp.
  • 1 8 oz. Cup of Fruit yogurt at lunch = 8 tsp.
  • 1 12 oz. Soda about 3pm = 10 tsp.
  • 1 4oz Chocolate Cake or 4 oz. of alcohol tonight = 10 tsp.
  • 6 Oreos cookies or similar late snack = 6 tsp.

That’s 41 tsp. or over 650 calories already, 4 times the recommendation! What other sugar laden foods might be eaten? A double-double coffee, a fast food sandwich, an energy bar, a muffin, white breads, crackers, pasta/sauce, a second soda, etc…

1 pound is the equivalent of 3,500 calories!

Highly refined sugars deliver no nutrition yet they are consumed constantly through refined and processed foods and most people unknowingly eat far more sugar than their bodies can possibly use. 

When this happens, the liver converts the excess energy into molecules called triglycerides and Store s it as fat, or else produces cholesterol from the by-products of sugar and deposits it in veins and arteries.

And what are the naturally occurring levels of sugar in our fresh fruits:

  • Apple, 3.8g/100g
  • Banana, 8.5g/100g
  • Cantaloupe, 4.1g/100g
  • Dried fig, 9.9g/100g
  • Mango, 7.4g/100g
  • Onion, 7.9g/100g
  • Pear, 1.2g/100g
  • Peach, 5.5g/100g
  • Pineapple, 6.9g/100g
  • Strawberry, 1.0g/100g
  • Watermelon, 3.2g/100g

Perhaps We Are What We Eat  

In the early part of the 20th century, Dr. Weston Cost, a dentist, studied different populations looking for a relationship of diet to dental decay, and as it happened, how general health was affected.  In a study of 2 Swiss villages, one using a century’s old traditional diet and way of living due to its remote isolation and the other village which had better access to transportation, modern farming methods and a diet based more on processed foods.

The results of the study were striking.  In the traditional village where there was no doctor or dentist, because there was no need, the incidence of cavities per child between 6 and 16 was 0.03.  This village of 2,000 also raised some of the finest physiques in all of Europe and a surprisingly large percentage of the Swiss Guard had been recruited from this area.

The other village that was using the more modern methods of farming and foods (refined flour and sugar) had an incidence of tooth decay that was dramatically higher; each child had an average of 6 to 7 decayed teeth.  In addition to the dental findings, Dr. Cost also was surprised to observe other significant health problems in this group. He later traveled globally studying the remnants of traditional lifestyles and the effect of modern processed foods, as they slowly disappeared. Source: Rudolph Ballentine M.D.

The Serious Side Effects of Being Healthy

  • Body Weight will find its natural ideal state
  • Skin elasticity and texture will improve
    Complexion will clear
  • Energy will improve and be available throughout the day
  • Clarity of thinking and memory will improve
  • Sense of well-being and confidence in self will improve
  • Simple Everyday Tips That Make Managing Sugar Easier

Do Not be fooled by the simplicity of these suggestions. 

When you begin to take notice of the foods you choose, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to exchange a candy bar for a favorite fruit, you'll still get your sugar high, but you'll also get lots of good nutrients that will support the digestion of the sugar and take you out of the sugar rollercoaster effect.  You may also find that your total grocery bill moderates over time as your cravings for sweets and snacks subsides.

  • Shop the perimeter of your grocery Store and stock up on lots of live foods (fruits and veggies) and avoid the lure of the inner isles where the sugar is Store d and available in virtually everything you’ll see. 
  • Find a good organic grocery and while you'll find healthy food pricing is a small percent higher, but you’ll feel a large percentage better, and that’s good value!  A secondary benefit in buying organic is the avoidance of the chemical bath modern mass production farming practices inflict on their nutrient deficient soils and crops to coax them to grow.
  • When you do venture into the inner isles, and we all do at some point, read the labels carefully.  Look for the 'Carbohydrates (sugars) and if you must buy, consider 10g or more of sugar per 100g a lot and 2g or less a more moderate amount. 
  • Look carefully at the ingredient list noting what’s in the top 3 or 4 and if one of them is a sugar or sweetener any number of names, it’s loaded with empty calories. 
  • Also watch for other words that describe sugar such as sucrose, glucose, invert sugar and corn syrup. Some like fructose and honey are safer because they are natural, but again, in moderation. 
  • Don’t purchase and avoid sugar-free anything.  Those products are a future newsletter topic of their own.
  • Give up on highly refined white, enriched and whole-wheat breads and pastas. Try the spelt bread variety and move to brown rice pastas.  They taste great and you'll feel better and the kids will survive.  

Resources and Reading

Sugar is a serious impediment to achieving and maintain health. Further reading on the topic:

  • Link: “76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health” - by Dr. Nancy Appleton, PhD Author of "Lick The Sugar Habit" link
  • Book: A #1 Bestseller and Classic, “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty
  • Book: “Lights Out” by T.S. Wiley

At the risk of self promotion, we want you to know that Healthy You Naturally would like to be a resource to you and we welcome your feedback, questions and comments

Solutions That restore Balance In A Nutritionally Indebted Body 

To help rebalance the body and eliminate sugar cravings, here are a few services and 100% plant-based products that have been very successful for my clients.  I’ve set up a simple webpage for anyone interested in secure online shopping or you may call for a direct purchase and local pickup. 
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2) Body Cleansing – considered the first essential step in countering the toxic effects of prolonged sugar consumption is a natural cleansing of the digestive/intestinal systems.  Once the system functions are returning to more normalized function, the effects of sugars will diminish as improved quality of foods and clean water begin to bring the body back into balance.  Two popular program kits that include by-phone support are listed below.

Natural Herbal Supplement Product Recommendations That Can Help

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Key Natural Health Products Recommended

GTF Chromium (#1802-4) is essential to the production and utilization of insulin.  This herbal base chromium helps to restore balance either for low or high blood sugar. 

Glucoreg (#927-1) provides nutrients to help support the body’s efforts at regulating blood sugar and combat insulin resistance. 

Spirulina (#681-1) stabilizes blood sugar levels and provides nutrients that satisfy the hidden hunger the body craves when not getting enough essential nutrition. 

Licorice Extract (#1780-9 Liquid) or Licorice Root (#420-6 Caps) has a long history of use by cultures throughout the world, including the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese and Hindus.  Excellent for low blood sugar level.  Caution:  diabetes and high blood pressure. 

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