Best Tips To Stay Healthy in 2017

Here are our 7 best tips on strengthening your health throughout 2017 from a natural health practitioner who has helped thousands of people improve theirs since 1994

There are many sensible tips on improving health.  These work!

  1. Stay Hydrated by drinking lots of water which is important every day.  Often hunger is mistaken when the body is in fact dehydrated.  Drinking before Holiday meals will help to reduce over eating.  Adding a bit of Liquid Chlorophyll (1689-6) in at least two of those glasses of water will help moderate food cravings, as well as to cleanse a bit.  It’s tasty with a mild mint flavor.
  2. Reduce Stress.  It is important to support your body during this busy time of the year so you can cope with the world around you and keep your immune system strong - remember that stress depletes the immune system tremendously, and then we become vulnerable to whatever is going around … a sick body is the last thing we want during this time of the year.  Take 2 capsules of the non-drowsy fast-acting Stress Formula (1645-6)  anytime you feel your anxiety or stress levels rising. 
  3. Sleep More. is nature’s healer so it is very important to get a great nights’ sleep in order to do everything you need to and also to keep your immune system strong.   Herbal CA (819-2) is a favorite “sleep helper” because it nourishes the nervous system so it will be able to calm you down and help you get that restful sleep you so much need (note:  it is not a sleeping pill so you won’t be drowsy in the morning) Take 2-4 caps immediately before bed.  You’ll get a great night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energized, ready for the day’s challenges.
  4. Address Over eating no matter how hard you try, sometimes it just happens.  When you eat too much, you feel lethargic so to combat this, use natural plant digestive enzymes for help.  Take 2-3 tablets of the great tasting Papaya Mint (485-6) before and/or after meals will help digest foods or choose 2-3 capsules of the ever popular Garden Essence (1643-9) with a meal.
  5. Hang-over cure!  Great party but perhaps did you have one too many drinks, if so this will  help …As de-hydration is part of the problem drink 1-2 glasses of water supplemented with Liquid Chlorophyll (1683-7) before bed and upon rising  Of course 1 or 2 2-oz. shots of Zambroza (4104-1) will deliver exceptional antioxidant protection to keep your immune system operating while you recover!
  6. Colds & flu bugs abound when you’re out socializing as it’s inevitable you’ll be meeting and mixing with lots of people and a few may be harboring the germs.  You can keep the sickness away with the long trusted HRP-C (3167-6 liquid or 937-7 cap).  ½ tsp. or 2 caps for adults (1/4 tsp. for children over 6; 1/8 tsp. for children under 6) with water, 3-5 times/day. Also, 1 or 2 2-oz. shots of Zambroza (4104-1) daily with strengthen your immune system (and kids like it too).  
  7. Efficient digestion may be challenged with all the eats, so make sure your colon is working well in order to keep your body in “tip top” shape!  Use 2-6x/d Bwl-Bld (2855-3)  to keep you regular and for extra help when needed, add 1-3 LBS II (994-0).

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