Iridology Course Level 2 (Advanced)

This advanced course enhances the iridologist students use and accuracy of iridology through indepth use of eye charts and direct analytic skills

Iridology Practitioner Course Level 2

Prerequisite: Iridology Training Course Level 1

This Advanced Iridology Course is focused on analyzing the patterns and delicate structures of the iris of each eye to accurately understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of body tissues and organs. 

Course Time: 8 Hours + Study

This Iridology Course may be of particular interest to nutritionists, natural health practitioners, herbalists, alternative health practitioners, RMT's or anyone interested in developing a sustainable private practice based on client focused strategies and natural healing therapies. 

This practitioner course in iridology picks up where the Iridology Training Course Level 1 left off adding:

  • Iridology training as a body systems assessment modality
  • In-depth applications of herbs & nutrition as natural medicines
  • Integrating Eastern & Western philosophies into a holistic approach

Iridology in a natural health practice

The Iridology Practitioner training course was developed by our Natural Health Practitioner based on a body of work, education and thousands of client programs spanning over 20 plus years. 

Students tap into a deep pool of knowledge, experience and wisdom acquired by a trainer who established her private practice back in 1994, and today is proud to service clients dating to that initial year of practice. 

This course enhances iridology skills

  • Study the unified view of the individual components of holistic health programs and learn essential skills for assessing what is happening in a client’s body, determining the root causes of conditions and recommending an effective course of action.
  • Learn the essentials of running a client focused consulting practice. 
  • Through accelerated learning techniques, an immense body of knowledge is effectively transferred to students. Students are responsible for study outside of course hours.

The Iridology Course Scope of Study

  • The science of Clinical Iridology, its advantages and its limitations
  • Detailed iridology charts, eye markings and their associations
  • Using iridology to id constitutional strengths and structural integrity
  • Unifying the body systems method with Iridology techniques
  • Interpreting iridology examination findings
  • Incorporating nutrition and herbs with iridology assessments
  • The Iridologist's approach client evaluations and successful out-comes

Q. Who is the Iridology Course for?

A. Anyone with a thirst for knowledge, appetite for wellness & love of living!

Students completing the Advanced Iridology Course Level 2 have the essential skills needed to assess root-cause conditions across a broad range of daily health needs with confidence.

Course Prerequisite: Iridology Course Level 1 ...

Course Cost: $239

Bonus: (re-attend any future HYN course for just $99, a great refesher!)

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