2015 Guide to Natural Health Training Courses in Ontario

2014 Natural Health Courses Ontario

Accelerated Natural Health Courses & Holistic Training Classes for 2015 teach best practices in natural healing methodologies through nutrition balance & herbs as medicines plus assessment techniques using iridology, muscle testing & body system analysis as well as  reflexology training & certification.

Our natural health courses are for anyone wanting to expand their awareness and knowledge of natural & holistic health disciplines & practices.

The courses are designed as accelerated learning experiences for personal interest & practitioners.

The material is uniquely based on actual practice knowledge & over 18 years of clinic experience. 

Practitioners of any alternative health modality can use these courses to get better results in their practice and for their clients.

Know what does not work, why, and learn what does!

These are not textbook perfect courses taught by someone who has never developed & operated a client facing natural health counselling practice!

Learn core methodologies & skills of natural health & wellness in courses uniquely designed by someone practicing what she preaches.

Natural Health Training Impacts

We've been offering natural health courses for over 19 years and many who have completed them have gone on to develop or expand their own successful private wellness practice and taken advantage of our continuing mentoring and support. Others have simply improved their personal well-being, and that of their family.

  • Get 3 to 4 times the knowledge and hands on skills vs. traditional teaching methods and timelines through courses designed for and taught with accelerated learning techniques.
  • Find out what the 2 reasons why the body becomes ill are and how to address them.
  • Study Eastern & Western philosophies and related body assessment techniques designed to help identify symptom root-causes
  • Become skilled at the Body System Method of assessment and analysis.
  • Learn how to use Iridology and Muscle Testing methods to rapidly identify strengths and weaknesses in tissues and organs throughout the body, and how to use the findings.
  • Acquire primary methodologies of nutrition and herbal medicines as everyday natural healing, health and wellness agents.
  • Develop skills through reflexology training for personal use or go on to our formal reflexology certification training courses.

Natural health courses to nourish your body, mind & spirit

Wellness Intensive Herbalist Training Course
Herbalist Training Course Level I
Reflexology Traning Course Level 1
Introduction to Reflexology | Level I Training Course
Practical Practitioner Iridology & Private Practice Course
Iridology Training Course Level II
Reflexology Certification Training Program
Reflexology Certification Program | Ingham Method
Holistic Practitioner Training Course
Holistic Practitioner Training Course Level III
Muscle Testing Training Course
Muscle Testing Training | Applied Kinesiology

Empowering - inspiring natural health education

  • Life is a journey, not a destination and as humans, it is through continual learning and exploration that we grow and prosper.  It's how we achieve great deeds, become great parents, create wonderful art. 
  • To achieve great things in our lives, it is essential to realize the best possible state of health and understand how and why a given state of health directly influences our everyday choices, the opportunities life presents & what we can do to influence them.
  • We are today is a result of the choices we made yesterday and these natural health courses can help you build better tomorrows!

We look forward to welcoming you to our natural health courses