2017 Iridology, Herbal & Reflexology Courses In Natural Healing & Wellness

Natural Health Courses for 2017 offer students the opportunity to study the methodologies of a body systems approach to natural healing & wellness through herbs, iridology, core nutrition and reflexology.

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Natural Health Courses

No courses are offered May-August!  We take advantage of our brilliant but short Canadian summers! We'll post Fall 2017/Winter 2018 dates in early August!

Courses we offer include:

  • Herbal Practitioner Level 1 & Advanced Level 2

  • Iridology Practitioner Level 1 & Advanced Level 2

  • Best Business Practices
    Natural & Alternative Health Practitioners

  • Reflexology Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 I.R.R. Certification

All courses are excellent continuing education credit options that teach new skills.

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Advanced Herb Practitioner Course Level 2
April 23 - 24 (Registration Open)

This 2 Day Intensive Course unifies the herbalist course into a cohesive framework and methodology for an advanced wellness counselling practice in Ontario.

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(Prereq. Level 1, Call to Register)

Iridology Practitioner Course Level 1
April 8, 9, 10  (Registration Open)

This 3 day intensive course teaches the use and application of iridology utilizing eye charts, analysis skills & the core methodologies of the modern Iridologist in Ontario.

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Dates are subject to change, classes are kept intentionally small to maximize individual student learning. These courses are based on our 20+ years experience and unique methodology of practice. Every course is comprehensive, lacks fluff, includes extensive real practice relevance and are a lot of fun! Call to learn more or register.

Course Testimonial:
I write to you with great pleasure, satisfaction and joy after having just completed the Herbalist course with Diane. She has left a footprint for me that I will always remember and cherish . Diane's honestly, passion for her findings and to continue to help people just radiates from her soul. The energy , the aura she radiates is something we don't have much of in this world. She has even more so inspired me to continue in this "midlife crisis stage" in my life...in a good way. I miss her already!! I also feel like I have known her for years. Eleonora