Natural Healing Solutions By A Skilled Team Of Holistic Practitioners Trained As Iridologists, Nutritionists & Herbalists

Natural Health Solutions By HYN

Since 1994 we have specialized in a holistic approach to affordable natural health services that has successfully helped thousands of people enjoy improved health & more happiness. 

“Medicine’s a funny business. After all, dispensing chemicals is considered mainstream and diet and nutrition is considered alternative.” ― Charles F. Glassman

We get you back to the essential basics of wellness!

Beginning with a comprehensive in-depth root-cause assessment, we identify and recommend the right program for you, uniquely designed to help you safely experience measurable improvement (healing) quickly, based on your specific needs & goals. 

Our exclusive methodology reflects an exceptional skills blending of Iridologists, Nutritionists and Herbalists, we are Natural Health Practitioners.  We focus on results, not on what is spent, and will always act ethically in your best interests.

We have 2 clinic locations in the Oakville/Mississauga and Mississauga/Brampton areas. Also available by Skype & Phone.

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Who We Are:

Certified Iridologists At HYN

Understanding what you need begins with knowing where to start! 

Improving general nutrition is essential, but for many, it is not specific nor powerful enough alone to overcome sometimes long-standing causes of symptoms, imbalances or weaknesses.

This is where our primary clinical iridology skills and extensive experiences are invaluable.  Iridology allows us to conduct rapid, non-invasive assessments that assist in the identification of imbalances and weaknesses in the constitution of the body.

Iridology enables us to be very specific on addressing your individual needs.

We Are Registered Holistic Nutritionists

No two people are the same, and neither are their program needs!

As Registered Nutritionists, we consult on a variety of food, diet, nutrition and lifestyle needs that directly influence your ability to feel and be healthy.

Because our holistic methodology is based on a comprehensive root-cause analysis, in addition to iridology, we also analyze lifestyle, its effects, food choices, nutritional profile and health history.

Addressing your nutrition and lifestyle habits based on modern standards & proven research is a fundamental key to enjoying a lifetime of wellness.

Expert Nutritionists At HYN

We Are Skilled Herbalists

Skilled Herbalists AT HYN

Once the root-cause of symptoms is clearly identified, in addition to nutrition and lifestyle improvements, the correct herbs can safely promote healing in a shorter period of time.

Herbs remain a major component in all traditional healing systems and a common element of health care globally. Today, our herbalists have the learning's of countless generations past infused with modern science.

Our selection of herbs encompasses an affordable product line internationally respected for its purity, potency and quality, Health Canada approved herbal products we've used and recommended since 1994.

We Have Effective Natural Solutions For You

We invite you to consider our unique approach to natural health counselling services that can help you experience better health and more happiness.

We design affordable programs that naturally address the root causes of many common ailments including weakened immune systems, fatigue, low energy, allergies, migraines, constipation, IBS, digestive disorders, gas/bloating, hormonal imbalances, stress, anxiety, thyroid/adrenal fatigue, fertility, arthritis, joint pain, PMS and the impacts of menopause.

We also have extensive experience on conditions like Diabetes Type II, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and more.

Get Healthy Naturally AT HYN

Practitioners With The Experience, Passion & Desire To Help You

You experiencing measurable results quickly really matters to us! Healthy You Naturally Wellness Centres have the experienced Natural Health Practitioners who have been successfully helping people address their concerns naturally for over 20 years!  If you want to learn how we might help you, please give us a call.


Natural Health Practittioner Sonia

With a Major in Fine Arts and Art History from McMaster and intense passion for ongoing learning in the natural health field, Sonia is a highly qualified Nutritionist, Iridologist, Herbalist. Her healing skills coupled with her amazing passion & energy to help people experience measurable results naturally is why our clients achieve their health goals.


Natural Health Practittioner Milena

With an Advanced Aesthetics Master Program combined with her Holistic Nutrition Certification, Milena is a skilled Nutritionist & Coach specialized in helping people optimize health as they lose weight. She is highly focused on sharing the motivation, support and nutritional knowledge that helps our clients achieve their goals and maintain their weight.


Natural Health Practittioner Milena

As one of Canada's leading Natural Health Practitioners, since 1994 Diane has shared her extraordinary skills, experience, knowledge and commitment with our clients. With a proven approach to personalized programs, she concentrates on helping people improve their health with an emphasis on prevention for long-term wellness.