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Frequently asked questions (faq) on natural health care services relating to diet, nutrition, healing, lifestyle and our holistic approach to natural health and wellness. 

These are just a few of the more popular questions we hear on a regular basis.  If you can't find the answer to your question, we invite you to write or call us for clarification at any time.  Thank you for visiting us.

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Are your services covered under my company insurance program

Yes and No.  While you are investing in crucial information and recommendations that will improve your overall state of health, it would be nice to know if you can claim our services.  As a Registered Nutritionist, our services are recognized and accepted by many extended insurance plans.  We will provide the necessary receipt with our registration number and nutritionist's signature following your appointment, upon request.

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What is the difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietician

A nutritionist will in part consider the effects of diet on the body as a whole whereas the dietician will respond more in line with western medicine to design nutrition programs more closely related to minimum standards. 

Neither is right or wrong however the nutritionist is concerned with creating a balanced body through nutrient dense approach which is more in line with both today's science of nutritional needs and long recognized traditional approaches.

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Is a consultation with a holistic practitioner like a visit to my doctor?

No. The intention is typically to address the cause of a symptom, not mask the symptom with drugs.  Because of this approach, on an initial visit your natural health practitioner needs to obtain a rather large amount of information from you, which typically requires a longer consultation time. You will be asked many questions about yourself, your lifestyle, your concerns and also about the health of your family, both past and present so it is helpful to think about these things before your arrive. 

A personalized program is included with the initial consultation that is based on a) your goals b) your body's state of health and c) how quickly you want improvement.  This program is refined on your second visit, about 2 weeks later and thereafter, monthly till balance is restored.   Actual needs depend on the severity of a condition.

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Are you available to answer questions between appointments?

Yes.  Unlike most doctors, our service are fully available to you by phone or email throughout your program during normal business hours.  We're here to answer your questions and support you, typically within 1 business day.

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Are there counselling packages that can help me save money?

Yes.  Packages are available that are designed to both save you money and  prioritize your preferred schedule times throughout your program and you always have the option to purchase one consultation at a time.  

Counselling is available in-office or by-phone.

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How quickly can I expect improvement?

Rapidly, in many cases.  The answer to this question is entirely dependent on your particular situation, and each individual is unique.  We have easy to apply everyday solutions that quickly minimize the effects of stress, fatigue, weight, sprains, joint and muscle pain, headaches, cold sores, colds, flu, heartburn, gas, constipation and so on. 

Where the body has gradually fallen into a weakened state of health and lost its balance over a period of time, addressing that condition will require nurturing the afflicted body systems back to a state of normal health and function so timelines will vary by individual.

Unlike western medications that generally mask symptoms without treating the underlying cause, herbal medicines are used to specifically target the body systems exhibiting the symptoms.  In a majority of situations, clients with noticeably weakened body systems will experience a marked improvement rather quickly. 

In more severe cases, it can certainly take longer though it's not unusual for clients to notice substantial improvement within just days of starting a new  program.

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Are all the nutritional supplements and herbal remedies the same?

No.  Unfortunately, quality, contents, strength, science and manufacturing processes vary greatly and the strength of a marketing program and its claims are no guarantee of value.  In fact, just a 10% plant composition is required for a product to be labeled "all natural".  In beauty products it's 4%.

We only use premium products manufactured by Nature's Sunshine,  the supplier of choice to professional natural health practitioners since 1972 in Canada, the USA & globally. 

FACT: Nature`s Sunshine leadership has been earned through an extensive and well researched product-line, 100% plant-based content, strict pharmaceutical grade manufacturing disciplines, uniformity of content, consistency of strength, unequalled quality assurance practices and a history of product innovation, science & leadership since 1972. 

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Can herbal remedies & herbs be used to address conditions ?

Yes. There is no class of disease in which whole plant herbs cannot be used.  Depending on how much irreversible damage has, or has not, occurred; the results of herbal remedies may range from minimal to extensive.  In injuries and accidents, herbal remedies can be of immediate and immense value.

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Can herbal remedies help with chronic disease?

Yes.  In many cases the herbs when properly selected will help to nourish, strengthen and fortify the body organs and tissues thus helping it to establish or in some cases, re-establish it natural defenses and lessen symptoms.

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Are herbs safe for pregnant women, babies and children?

Yes ... usually.  Since the herb or herbal combinations are entirely plant-based, there are no toxic effects like drugs but these herbs have active ingredients so caution is necessary. 

We will advise you of any specific issues to be aware of and the labeling of a few products will be specific in advising certain people not to use them under specific conditions.  All products should be kept out of children's reach.

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Should I tell my doctor I am seeing a natural health practitioner?  

Yes. If you are being treated for any conditions, and while many see little value in a natural approach, they recognize it has little harm so it is only right that your doctor should know.

When you experience significant changes (improvements) in your condition as a result of your natural health program, your doctor may need to modify your medical treatment.

Be aware that few doctors are trained in traditional medicines or even nutrition and more often than not, doctors are almost exclusively trained to administer pharmaceutical treatments.  Advances in medical technology and pharmaceutical treatments have proven to be life saving for those suffering from acute life threatening situations, but prescription drug  results are proving to be far less effective for non-life threatening conditions.

If you are unsure, be sure to talk it over with our holistic health practitioner, as in most cases. she can give you clear guidance that is complementary to your medical practitioner.

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Can I take herbal remedies and prescription medicines together?  

Probably.  Herbal remedies are plant-based "food" but caution is necessary.  A few herbs can react with prescription medicines and you should ensure we aware of your meds.

Never stop doctor prescribed treatments, unless advised to do so by your doctor.

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What happens after my natural health program is complete?

That depends on you. Wellness is a journey, not a point on a map so if you've achieved your health objectives then we can recommend a preventative program.  If you have not yet achieved your objectives, continue your healing program by fine-tuning at each appointment till you have achieved your objectives.  Your practitioner will work closely with you to ensure the program completes in the shorted possible period of time.

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Please call for any questions on our natural health services.